First of all, all the designers, craftsmen and craftswomen who wholeheartedly took part in the initiative, even when Oza was nothing more than an idea.

Bülent Kılıncarslan and KARL Institute, as our supporter and mentor. Oza has been extremely lucky to have them in our side since the very beginning. Without their financial support and guidance, Oza would probably have stayed as a nice dream.

Our friends for their infinite support, by sharing ideas and opinions, giving useful feedback and most importantly, by encouraging us when we felt hopeless and miserable in the face of challenges.

Antoine Meyer, who took some of the photographs in the collection, generously sharing his professional skills, equipment and time.

We'd also like to thank Resmiye Dinlenmez and Ebruli Tours, Yunus Koç, Julia Martinez Diana, Mehmet Ali Diyarbakirlioğlu, Kerem Savaş, Sezgin Özkaya, Beril Ustaoğlu, Duygu Mencik, Burcu Eğinlioğlu, Çağlar Badur, Melike Tufanyazıcı and Sema Tufanyazıcı, all the other wonderful people who help with bigger or smaller things.

Thank you...

We are much stronger together...