Handmade Ceramic Suspension Light. Unique design. High quality engobe glaze.

13 cm diameter on largest point, 14 cm long.

Handmade Ceramic Lamps made in collaboration with young ceramic artists from Turkey.

Oza and Studyo 3 designed and masterfully crafted these unique ceramic lamps for you.

Asia Minor was home to many cultures that mastered the art of pottery from Hittites to Greeks. It is exhilarating to think that we carry forward an ancient tradition, that we are only a passage in this long history of stories and memories cutting across generations and places.

From the great-grand children of master pottery makers; comes a collection of handmade ceramic lamps with a contemporary touch.

Comes with high quality LED light bulb and 3 meter long textile cable.

Please note that all orders-if not in stock-will be shipped within but no later than 4 weeks. The glazing process requires high levels of heat and  energy so we have to have a minimum number of items to glaze to save energy. Hence the waiting period.

Beautiful things require patience!

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