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Mxeid 'UP'


Single Pendant Light

Designer: Martin Leveque

Craftsman: Gani Usta

Mxeid ‘UP’ is made of smaller and bigger pieces of hand-turned wood, to be personalized by the end customer.
Our lathe master, Gani Usta, accomplishes a delicate job, and turns each piece by hand to be combined in a harmonious, fluent way.
Then, it’s up to the customer, to give the lamp its final shape: changing the order of the pieces or even take pieces from one suspension to add to the other.

Handmade Pendant Light and Ceiling Rose

Beech wood with matte varnish

Included in the product:

High Quality Led Light bulb (GU10 Warm White Reflector LED Light)

3 M cable so you adjust the length according to your needs.

We are working on expanding our selection of cables. Please inquire for custom orders.

The price is for one set.


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mxied up insitu6small.jpg