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Lifeline revives a very unique and ancient tradition.

Designed by Katie Brigginshaw

Made by Ozgur Usta

100% Pure Angora Wool, Handmade and Handwoven using traditional methods. 

Un-dyed. 100% Natural Colors.

Aztec meets Art Deco in this bold and graphic design. Inspired by historical cultures, this pattern interprets decorative styles with a fresh approach. The contrast between light and dark creates a striking motif designed to be eye-catching. This piece makes a statement for those who loves pattern.

Oza makes use of an ancient and disappearing hand weaving technique practiced only in the Eastern part of Turkey.

This is a 100% Natural, undyed angora wool. The goat, ‘angora’ is a special breed with coarse but very bright hair. Their numbers are in drastic decline in the last couple of decades, endangering this rare know-how. This sample is made in collaboration with a local workshop.

This precious item is only custom made. The pictures are a small sample.

Please contact us for more information.



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lifeline insitu 3.JPG
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