Tugce Tugran

Tugce is the founder of Oza. She is coordinating the project, acting as an investor and a creative facilitator between the worlds of artists, designers and crafts(wo)men. Born and raised in Izmir, she lived and worked in Istanbul and Brussels. Her professional and academic background covers a variety of subjects and fields like project management, environmental campaigning and anthropology. She believes the world needs more human scale interaction and ethical consideration when it comes to production, so she tries to contribute her modest share.


Oza collaborates with people who share its vision on a project basis. For our first collection, we were lucky enough to work wıth creative and curious spirits on beautıful ıdeas. we also present here the craftsmen who made the project possıble wıth theır precıous knowledge and patıence.

Martin Lévêque

Martin studied design at Martinière Terreaux in Lyon, France where he developed an approach for furniture design for organizations working on social reintegration. He later worked with Xavier Lust, the Belgian designer for three years, for well known Italian design brands like Depadova, Driade and MDF Italia. He recently co-founded a collective called ‘Libre Objet’ with other designers and graphic artists. Martin has a multidisciplinary and generous start point, where limits of design represent his play field. His projects include social and environmental aspects and lean towards an aesthetic simplicity.  He lives in Brussels, where he gives courses and regularly organizes design exhibitions and workshops.

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SERdar Sonmez

Serdar is born in Istanbul, and studied in Izmir. He has a degree in Traditional Turkish Arts from Dokuz Eylul University, with a special focus on rugs, kilims and traditional motifs. He is also working as ceramic artist and illustrator. He continues his work in his studio in Izmir, Turkey.

Charlotte Marembert

Charlotte is a French textile designer living in Brussels. She studied textile design at La Cambre School of Visual Arts. Being particularly interested in natural dyes and wool as a virgin material, Charlotte increasingly expands her know how on the subject and provides the world with the outcome of this passion: high quality wool yarns dyed naturally.

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Jean Baptiste Goetgheluck

Jean-Baptiste is a French industrial designer graduated from La Cambre. He recently moved to Beirut where he works as a consultant for PSLAB; a lighting company. Additionally, he's doing freelance work and is active on several personal projects. 

For Jean-Baptiste, design is a wide field. It's outcome can be as various as a vegetable display, a ceiling recessed light or a public fountain.

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BETTINA Blomstedt

Bettina is a Finnish textile design-student based in Sweden. Her style is graphic and simple, a bit naive sometimes. Shapes and forms in nature and architecture inspires her.


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Tahsin is 47, learned felt making from his father, starting when he was a little boy. The oldest of 3 siblings, he is married with 2 kids.

Felt makers become more difficult to find, and the remaining ones, like this family start to focus on other aspects of the supply chain like buying and selling wool, which brings more income.

Tim Defleur

Tim Defleur is a young French designer dividing his time between Lille where he lives, and Brussels where he works. He has always been passionate about many different forms of artistic expression. After a short degree in interior design, he studied Industrial Design Product at ISD - North of France. He is now working as Alain Gilles’ assistant, while also working on his own projects, developing his own vocabulary and vision. For him, design is based on observation and people are his best source of inspiration.

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Elıf Senkal

Elif is born in Izmir where she also studied at Dokuz Eylul University. With a degree from the academy of fine arts with a specialization in ceramic and glass making, Elif represents the next generation of Turkish artists mastering long-practiced techniques. She continues her work in her studio in Izmir, Turkey.


Katıe Brıggınshaw

Katie Brigginshaw is a British freelance designer specializing in woven textiles and pattern generation. She studied Textile Design at Falmouth University, where she developed her bold design aesthetic and became fascinated with the process of transforming yarn into finished fabric .  Katie places great importance in mark marking and drawing, constantly exploring how this can translate into textiles.  She has recently set up her own studio focusing on creating visually exciting combinations of pattern and colour.

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Anna Niestroj is the designer behind the experimental studio BLINKBLINK. Born in 1985 in Poland, Anna grew up in Germany and is now part of the Berlin creative scene. After studying and working for several years in design and trend research across the country and in Zurich (Switzerland), she heads her studio in Berlin’s Wedding district since 2012.

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Osman Usta works and lives with the family of Tahsin since he was 11 years old. Now, 42, he has been in felt making for thirthy years.

Once a vibrant, big community, felt makers are nowadays are less and less frequent. A handful of families continue to work, carrying on with this fascinating know-how, working with wool, a healthy and natural material.


Gazi usta has a small workshop in a buzzing neighbourhood of all sorts of furniture producers.

He has been weaving wicker for 30 years, since the 80s. Now 46, he says plastic-rattan looking-chairs are destroying the business.

There are only two artisans remaining in the city center, and Gazi says he can not find one who wants to learn this skill.


Gani is 39 and has been working with wood since he was a teenager. As a lathe master, he works on many different types of wood in his workshop, mostly making furniture legs, always with a modest and serious look on his face.