Wool had a special place in the ancient cultures of Central Asia and Anatolia. Mastering the art of making ‘things’ out of wool in different forms, shapes and states, nomadic peoples always cherished this naturally insulating, resistant and healthy material. They wore it, made rugs with it and even lived in houses made by wool.  They also find a way to make it beautiful and yet very resistant. They called it ‘kece’. We invite you to share this beauty with us.

This is a strangely familiar, soothing material.  We wonder why being close to felted wool seems so relaxing...

Maybe because we were all nomads once?

See for yourself.

It’s Good For You

Felt is more a process than an object. It is not woven or stitched together, it is fused. And that what makes it fascinating. Wool fibers are irrevocably joined together through the special process called ‘felting’. What you obtain is a strong and beautiful material. Completely natural, it contains no chemical process, no chemical treatment, and in certain cases even, no artificial coloring. Wool is an anti-static material which has been used for bedding due to its positive and comforting effects on human health.  It was used in hospitals treating different cases of rheumatism. In other words, it’s good for you.

The Social and economic Dimension

The ultimate aim is to ensure the transfer of know-how from generation to generation. Each rug you buy will be an incentive for the felt makers to continue to work. More they will work, easier they will find young people to teach the craft. And not only that. As we prefer using local materials, we also contribute to the revival of local animal husbandry, which is at the brink of extinction in most parts of Anatolia. Trying to match our exigent standards, local wool producers will improve the quality of their products. This will in turn contribute to the local economies which struggle in the face of rapid loss of livelihoods.

We will, altogether, contribute to a beautiful story.

Join in. We need you. 



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